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Paul Revere is a man that lived during the revolutionary war and helped America out in several ways. Sam is a member of a secret committee of people that are trying to break America away from England because of unfair rule. One of these secret meetings has just let out and everyone is leaving. Paul Revere and Sam have just left the building, discussing what they should do about the English taxation. Paul pulls Sam over to the side and is now asking him to help him to do something.


Sam, you are really working for something more than reform of the present system, aren't you? And something much more than a break for the workingman. You want something more, don't you?

{wait} Yes, I think that I did see it a long time ago, at the time of Otis' 'Natural rights' speech, but I wouldn't let myself see it. I didn't want to see it. I was afraid.

{wait} I now know you are working for, (pause) Independence.

{wait} Will I see it though with you, you need my help? What can I do? I am but a silversmith, I have no influence on rich people!

{wait} BUT INDEPENDENCE? It's such a big step! You're asking me to commit treason, Sam! I didn't mind attending meetings to support our part of the country, or trying to make them change things to be more fair, but this is huge!

{wait} Try not to look at it that way, how else can you look at it, were trying to break away from our own country, were committing treason, there is no other way to put it, were committing treason!

{wait}Yes, this country has been in existence for one hundred and fifty years, we've worked hard and long to make America what it is today, and we've done so in our own ways. And a parliament, 3,000 miles away, how can they know what is right and wrong for us? How can they enforce laws and impose taxes on things that we have no say in? But isn't there another way to solve these problems?

{wait}And how do we accomplish the feat of winning our independence from England?

{end sentence}--Revolution----?

But wars will break out, people will die, probably thousands of people will die for it! Would such a thing be worth this loss, for freedom from England? If we were to become free and win the battles?

{wait} But is independence our only hope, have we no other way to go? There must be another way Sam. Maybe establish governments here that consult England, or something, anything.

{wait} I have a wife, kids, and I am the only one who can support them, I can't just go out and become arrested for treason, you know that!

{wait} You're right Sam, I'll help you, and the rest of America.

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