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urban cowboy
town homes

location: 2348 Worthington Street Dallas, TX

area: 3,500 sq ft + 1,650 sq ft

With the persistent influx of young new citizens to the Dallas area, a demand has arisen for housing that is both condensed enough to be located in downtown but is also equipped with amenities with which one would be acquainted from the suburban area. This project meets those design points with sophisticated townhomes that conform to the MF-2 zoning regulations.

Each home features a large open living area, two bedrooms, and a two car garage. A view of downtown Dallas can be enjoyed from a third floor balcony or from the open roof top. Additionally, a minimal backyard may be adapted for pets, children, or other uses. All of these amenities are statically arranged to optimize each home’s space while also providing for privacy in the urban area.