Chris Frost


I'm a software engineer with a background in systems software. I work at Samsara with our infrastructure teams, helping companies improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of their operations. Much of my focus is on scaling our systems and engineering operations, growing our infrastructure for new products, and growing our teams. I also enjoy running, hiking, photography, reading, mindfulness, making chocolate, and exploring cacao farms.

Previously, I helped build the Spanner distributed database at Google (Wikipedia and Wired on Spanner), developing Spanner from prototype to a core infrastructure service and where I was the primary engineer behind Spanner's backup and restore functionality.

I completed my Ph.D. in computer science with the software systems research group at UCLA, where I focused on storage system consistency, performance, and usability and also did work in networks, programming languages, and theory. I co-TAed undergraduate operating systems for 2005–2006 and was a member of the Linux User Group and the ACM.

My undergrad days were at the University of Virginia, where I frolicked and schemed with friends in Theta Tau, ACM, Math Club, Brown, Honor, and the computer science and math departments. Over the years I've also helped lasso computer science problems and systems while at MIT, Microsoft Research, VMware, Appian, Microsoft, Dynetics, and the US Army AvMC (née AMCOM). I'm originally from Huntsville, Alabama.

Previous projects and software


Emacs, a TERTL turtle


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