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A place to learn what kind of things I do, what I do at school, and what I am interested in.  Note that there is nothing Newton related here.



A few links to the best pages out there, books that I have made, reviews of various programs, and the two text to speech apps.



This is where my friends and I split up long homework and then put it back together.

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I am a high school student attending Huntsville High, located in Huntsville, Alabama. I take all AL (advanced level) courses during school. After school I run cross-country or track & field depending upon the current season. I am also fairly “computer literate,” the school usually refers to me with their questions. I am on student council, German club ...


Newton Info
I own a MessagePad 2000. Yes, it is one of those things that misinterpeted your handwriting into nonsense. Well, that was before the second incarnation of the Operating System (the software that runs everything). Now it runs about ten times faster and has perfect handwriting recognition (at least as far as humans can tell). To learn a little about the Newton Platform visit the Newton Section of my site.

Linux Info

Ever since about mid 1997 I have been getting into linux. Now I really never use windows anymore (windows is slowwww, and crashes a lot). I have setup things like an email server, webserver, ftpserver, etc here on on eof the machines in our house which is very useful. Right now I don’t really have anything to contribute, but I will soon! I’m a member of “Linux Users of North Alabama.”

Running Background
I have been running seriously since June of 1996. However, I began running at about 6, so I have done quite a few races. I have won city in cross-country, placed at every cross-country meet this previous year, and placed about 5th in the state at the 800m for indoor track. I run with many friends, some of which are Philip Wiles (one of the best runners in the state (he is just slightly faster than I)), Scott Phitzer, Amanda Kerkoff (one of the best long distance runners in the state for girls), and too many others to mention.

Student Council & Public Speaking
I have been on Student Council ever since 3rd grade when I got into it. I have ran in elections two times. I also am a fairly good speaker, for example in the sixth grade I won the flag speech contest held annually by the Daughters of the American Revolution here in Hunstville. I currently take debate were I often leave town, and state, to compete.

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