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A place to learn what kind of things I do, what I do at school, and what I am interested in.  Note that there is nothing Newton related here.



A few links to the best pages out there, books that I have made, reviews of various programs, and the two text to speech apps.



This is where my friends and I split up long homework and then put it back together.

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A list of when things are done to this site so that you can see what info has changed since your last visit.

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What's New
Whatís new? Well, everything right now. This is a total redo of my site, it is light-years ahead of the other one. I have several pages that I haven't even started yet but am doing them as fast as I can. The reason why I have put this site up this early was so that people could find out some about me. If you do find a bad link or what not please tell me about it, thanks!

  • 5-22-98 - Been *very* busy lately, but over the past few months Iíve been using linux more and more, and now itís all I use. Also, most new stuff will be at www.frostnet.net, instead of here (easier to manage since the server is in my house :-)
  • 2/15/98 - Added my public pgp key. Linux info was added to the About Me section, just to say ďHey I use Linux and itís great.Ē I also rearranged the front door to be a little easier to read. Lastely, I changed a few misspelled words.
  • 2/13/98 - Iíve completely redone the book Newton Error Codes, and it now supports larger screens (mp2x00ís and emates). Check the books section to get it!
  • 12/28/97 - Check out the new mailing list, MP2x000! I have also stripped the comments from the published version of this site in hopes that it will speed things up (I *hate* slow web pages!, and there really isnít a reason you need them).
  • 12/12/97 - Iím changing email addressís to chris@frostnet.net!
  • 8/9/97- Iíve added the Washington DC maps to my site and have fixed the email bugs that many people were kind enough to point out (you can only catch so much yourself ;-)  Iíve heard someone mention that my newton os errors book would not let them do a global search.  Iíve only heard about this from one person and would like to know if it is just them or not, so if this is also a problem for you, please email me about!
  • 6/16/97- Iíve finally added all kinds of stuff!  A speed comparison of the mp2k vs MP120, a lot of info on the text to speech apps for the Newton, and a list of all Newton developers!
  • 6/15/97 I got my webeditor back online today as I just recently (a month ago) formatted my hardrive to remove all the evil ghosts in it ;-)  Look for something VERY special in a few days to a week!
  • Finally got my new scanner! With it I got Photoshop 4.0 and am learning that. Well, posted some new homework . Also, scanned in my 120 for the java buttons, made a neat little logo, and took away the blue background. The java buttons will change to 2000ís as soon as I get the time. Added the info about my next book:Elements Table
  • 2/19/97-Navigator users can now see the html page without all the html coding. Fixed a couple of scripts that had cause a few problems. Also fixed a few misspellings on a couple pages that I had overlooked earlier.
  • 2/17/97-Fixed a project link to a presentation; hopefully fixed Newton Reviews Link
  • 2/14/97-The real debut. Spelling corrected, most of pages up, links are in! Yeaaa!
  • 2/12/97-Site first ďofficiallyĒ created. Many misspellings, and file errors.
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