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A place to learn what kind of things I do, what I do at school, and what I am interested in.  Note that there is nothing Newton related here.



A few links to the best pages out there, books that I have made, reviews of various programs, and the two text to speech apps.



This is where my friends and I split up long homework and then put it back together.

What's New


A list of when things are done to this site so that you can see what info has changed since your last visit.

Newton OS v2 Error Codes Book

I had created the homework and group project work page as an easy way to get out homework to friends.  However, it has become very hard to update this page, and upload everything to my isp. the coming weeks (after I finish exams) I will start to put everything onto  On this server, there will be a page with a simple text file pointing to each file (at   Donít worry about figuring this out, as Iím not really even sure how Iím going to do it (I may just make the ftp site without an html counter-part).  I just know that this previous model didnít work, and that something else must.  Once I do change things, I will certainly make it visible from my site, so donít worry before hand.

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