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This is the begging of my FAQ for my Newton books and future programs

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Newton OS Error Book


About Me


A place to learn what kind of things I do, what I do at school, and what I am interested in.  Note that there is nothing Newton related here.



A few links to the best pages out there, books that I have made, reviews of various programs, and the two text to speech apps.



This is where my friends and I split up long homework and then put it back together.

What's New


A list of when things are done to this site so that you can see what info has changed since your last visit.

Can you make this package smaller?
Answer: Well, I have put a lot of work into making this package as small as it is already. When I first put it on my Newton 120 (with 2.0 OS) it was about twice the 41k size it is know. I might put more compression on it if this is a big problem, but this slows the book down and supposedly drains the batteries more.

I have an error to add, can I?
Answer: Sure, just e-mail or phone me with your error and how you got it and I will try to replicated it and find the explanation. I will then put it into the next release.


Other Topics

Can you make other books?
Answer: Yes, I would be glad to. Just get together a few interested people, tell me what you would like and I will get to work on it. Note: I will not do this for extreme specifics because all of this is freeware and I don't want to start in the commercial business.



Newton Web Ring

Add your site to the Newton Web Ring

How do I set the prefs for it?
Answer: Goto the In/Out box, tap the i button and select the appropriate item.

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